Competition Law and Policy Research Assignment Essay

Reference style AGLC ? Australian Guide to Legal Citation.

The Harper Report recommended, in part (rec 29):

Section 45 should be extended to prohibit a person engaging in a concerted practice with one or more other persons that has the purpose, effect or likely effect of substantially lessening competition.

Do you agree? Provide full reasons for your answer.

1.As a research essay you are expected to locate your own resources for purposes of this assignment. Much has been written on the issue of anti-competitive agreements and concerted practices. Discussion of this issue in the Harper Report will provide a useful starting point.

2.If you do have any difficulties locating specific resources or conducting research more generally, please remember that the librarians on each campus (also available by email or phone) are available to assist.

3.There is no specific number (or type) of resources that you must use. However, you should not rely solely on online opinion pieces to inform your submission or solely on the Harper Report and associated submissions (although I would encourage you to consider some of the relevant submissions relating to this issue). Part of the skill associated with online research is distilling the reliable from the unreliable. Where available, journal articles and books are normally peer reviewed and therefore more reliable. Reports, particularly where produced by ?independent? bodies are also often a useful source of information.

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