Complete 100-300 word discussion for Business Management Course NO PLAGIARISM

Please read and follow all instructions carefully.

  1. Go to Module 1 READINGS and view the YouTube videos about the four functions of management.
  2. After viewing the videos, think about which of the four functions of management you have had the most experience with in your personal or professional life.
  3. Start a new thread in this Discussion, keying the function you chose as the subject line of your discussion thread.
  4. Prepare a 100- to 300-word post that:
    • Provides a short introduction of yourself.
    • Clearly defines the function of management you selected:
      • REQUIRED: Use terminology from the videos to demonstrate learning
      • REQUIRED: Use at least one direct quotation from one of the videos, being sure to use quotation marks around any exact wording you use
      • REQUIRED: Provide a note at the end of your post listing the name of the video(s) you used for this post.
    • Explains why you chose the function, and clearly shares your experience with that function
  5. To help those reading your post, please use several short paragraphs with a blank line between each one for each topic area of your post.
  6. Complete sentences, correct grammar, accurate spelling, and clear writing are expected–be sure to read AND EDIT before you submit your post.

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