Comprehsive Marketing Plan on attached fictional start-up company

Compile a comprehensive marketing plan using the product scenarios. This is 4 separate units essays used to complete a comprehensive market plan based on fictional start-up company. The fictional start-up company and all the instructions for each unit is in the attached file called ?Unit 2,4,6, and 8 Assignment Instruction?. Each unit is a separate essay. Each unit must have its own introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph 5 sentences each minimum. Each unit must have at least 4 APA references and in text citation within 5 years old and at least one peer-reviewed journal. Each unit is a separate essay that must answer each question answered using headings and follow the unit instructions for how it should be answered. All the essays can be combined under one word document, but must be separated per unit as well as separating the references and citations per unit. Each unit is a separate essay in APA format with its own introduction and conclusion paragraph. Unit 2 is a 3 page essay, unit 4 is a 3 page essay, Unit 6 is a 4 page essay, and Unit 8 is a 3 page essay with each having its own introduction and conclusion paragraph of at least 5 sentences each. Unit 8 also uses a Marketing Metrics chart-Table 22.9 which is attached as well. Each unit has specific questions for that specific essay. Attached also are associated readings for each unit that give a background for that unit and assist with each unit essay. Thank you for your help

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