Contract Assignment.(contain a employment aggreement and a paper).

You are an employer who has conducted interviews for an open position within your company. You are ready to extend an offer to one of the interviewees, but first, you need to compose an Employment Agreement. You are very concerned with the state of the economy at present and do not want to enter into any long-term contracts with any of your employees. On the other hand, you do not want to invest the time and money it takes to train a new employee, and then have that employee leave your company in a year and go to work for one of your competitors.

1.The Employment Agreement must contain the following provisions:

a.Name and address of the Employer (You must choose between Alabama or Florida as the applicable jurisdiction and location of the business)

b.Name and address of the Employee

c.Description of the company

d.Description of the job (you determine what type of job the agreement will cover)

e.Salary and other benefits

f.Duration of the employment agreement

g.Covenant not to compete

h.Any other provisions you feel are necessary

i.Signatures space and the date of the Agreement

2.Paper: You must write a paper explaining how your Employment Agreement satisfies eachof the elements of a valid, enforceable contract. You must also explain how your covenant not to compete contained in the Employment Agreement satisfies the requirements of the particular state you have chosen for the location of the business. HOWEVER, if a covenant not to compete is not enforceable given your particular company and purpose of employment, then you must state the reasons for that and the applicable law prohibiting such a clause. You are REQUIRED to cite to at least two external resources which explain the laws governing covenants not to compete within the state that you chose. The Paper should not be less than one page or more than two pages, typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12pt font. All margins must be one inch. Only include your first and last name in the paper. No other identifying information like the name of the course or my name needs to be included. There should be no more than one double-space between your name and the beginning of the paper. Use APA Style to cite your sources. This means you will need to include in-text citations and provide a references page. The references page does not count toward your page requirements for the assignment.

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