Contract Draft

This is a 3 part assignment- first is the Key Assignment Draft- (outline only for the draft. Part 2-Phase 5 is adding in the information to the outline, all can be done from the prior assignments. Part 3 is the PowerPoint slides.)

Your boss has asked you to provide a draft of the final contract that will become the document guiding the companies in fulfilling the requirements you have presented in the previous weeks. You are to provide a white paper that includes the following:

  • An introduction discussing what topics will be discussed and an explanation of the purpose for administering a contract.
  • A statement of expectation, also considered the statement of work, defining the services required.
  • A request for information using stakeholder requirements from the previous phase.
  • Select appropriate contract format (example, fixed price, cost plus expenses, etc.) and explain why the selected contract type is appropriate for this effort.
  • Select appropriate terms you desire to incorporate from the Uniform Commercial Code. Provide the UCC designation and the title; not the complete wording in the code.

The legal terms and conditions should be detailed in the UCC section. The statement of expectation should include all rules the two companies (the contract provider and the buying company) must comply with for the contract to be considered fulfilled. Students will be expected to show they understand the specific rules each company must adhere to. See Phase 5 Key Assignment Final Draft instructions for the white paper organization.  “Listed sources will be according to what was used for the segments focused on in this paper.”

(Phase 5 following-second part of the assignment. this is the more in-depth portion of the assignment.  We are now filling in the information on the outline which can be used from the prior assignments. in addition to this there is also a PowerPoint presentation see additional information below.)

  • A PowerPoint presentation containing 5–7 slides is required in addition to the paper. The PowerPoint presentation should be a brief summary suitable for presentation to management justifying the recommendation.

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