Contract Law Question (attached)


1. Patronage at Carl’s Car Wash has declined sharply. Despite advertising to promote his new, eco-friendly setup, Carl’s customers do not seem to like the smell of the Mother Earth detergents and have turned to other establishments, despite Lisa’s claims that sales would skyrocket.55

2. Carl has contacted Lisa to try and get out of the supply contract early, “just like she promised”, but Lisa has refused, saying only that “you agreed to the terms – that’s just too bad.”

3.Carl has discovered that the lease of the 1NST-A-CLEAN 2000″ high pressure washer does not have an end date and has given Lisa notice of his intention to terminate this lease as well. Lisa has not responded to this and has continued to invoice Carl for the lease of the equipment.

4. Realising his business is in dire straits, Carl has not bothered searching for suitable finance for his purchase of a “Dominator” drone from Dorn. He in fact has no intention of doing so and no intention of proceeding with the sale and has ignored Dorn’s repeated calls and enquiries.

Additional Instructions attached

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