Correctional Administration: Staffing

Directions:  For this assignment, you are to fully answer the following questions and support your answers with resources. Answers should be incorporated into a narrative paper.  You must use resources to back up your thoughts. 

  1. 1. Should male correction officers be employed in adult female correctional facilities and should female correction officers be employed in male correctional facilities? Why or why not?
  2. 2. Describe at least two legal (or political) and two ethical issues that may interfere, or need to be taken into consideration with the staffing scheme recommended in your answer to number one.
  3. 3. Find two peer reviewed journal articles using the UMGC library database that discuss this topic in some capacity.  Carefully read  their recommendations or findings,  and apply their thoughts/ use their findings to inform your responses to your answers in questions one and two.

Format Requirements: All APA 7th edition format requirements must be followed with verifiable links to internet sources

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