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Substance use disorders are very common in our society, and you will likely work with clients who have some type of substance use. This assignment will help you identify symptoms for diagnosing these disorders. Additionally, there is a significant amount of research that has been done on the treatment of substance use disorders and addictions. SAMHSA has used the research and developed treatment options and protocols. As a counselor, you will use these treatment protocols with your clients.


Watch “Addictive Disorders” from the University Library. It focuses on recognizing and diagnosing substance use disorders.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflection in which you:

Summarize your observations from the video. Identify 2 substance use disorders from the video. Identify the diagnostic criteria for each disorder according to the DSM-5TM. Explain evidence-based treatment options for substance use disorders. Refer to the SAMHSA resources from this week’s discussion.

Use a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources that support your reflection on these disorders, as well as citations for the video, DSM-5, and resources from the SAMHSA website.


Submit your assignment.



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