Create a brief case scenario of a situation in which an offender made a decision to engage in a behavior that violated his or her values, beliefs, attitudes, or morals.

This assignment asks you to apply attribution theory and cognitive dissonance theory to a situation in which this type of behavior may occur with offenders, and how that may influence their rehabilitative process.

Create a brief case scenario of a situation in which an offender made a decision to engage in a behavior that violated his or her values, beliefs, attitudes, or morals.

Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.

Format any citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

2 Powerpoint Slides with speaker notes reference 

Describe how this offender’s attitude and behavior may influence the efficacy of the support services delivered.-


A young boy named Carson turns 18 years old in two weeks. Carson went with his 3 friends named Kyle, Richard and Bert at 10:00 p.m. to go to a party. Before Carson left his mother told him that be better not hang with those friends of his that have been getting him in trouble and stealing and doing drugs. He obviously lied to his mother and told her that he wasn’t. Carson went out with his friends and while in the car his friends starting smoking marijuana. Carson’s mother is against any drugs of any kind and has taught him to not go against how his mother feels and her rules. His friends kept peer pressuring him over and over saying that it’ll make him feel relaxed and good. All Carson wanted to do was to fit in with his friends. Carson finally gave in and smoked the marijuana with his friends. Also during the car ride, his friends were talking about stealing a flat screen tv, earphones and other miscellaneous items from Walmart. Around 11:00 p.m. Carson and his friends arrived at Walmart. Bert stayed in the car as the get away driver. Richard, Carson and Kyle went into Walmart and grabbed a buggy. All 3 were playing around inside the store, picking up bouncy balls and other toys being funny. After they all headed to the electronics and split up. Carson grabs the flat screen tv while the others grab the other miscellaneous items. After they all 3 got everything they walked to the front and ran out. The alarms went off and Walmart employees came running after them yelling. What the 4 of the kids didn’t know is that a police car was parked with his lights off. They threw the items in the car and Bert sped off. The police pulled up behind them and turned his lights on. Bert would not pull over because he is over the age of 18 years old. The police along with two other kept following them. Carson yelled to just stop the car over and over, which Bert did and ran out along with Richard. Carson and Kyle were still in the car and got questioned and arrested.

What Carson did was go against his moms beliefs as well as his because that’s what he was taught all his life to never do drugs or still things that don’t belong to him or hang around the wrong people. Especially over the past year since his older sister passed from drugs. Carson was peer pressured and persuaded into stealing and smoking marijuana. Carson did what he did because of his friends and he was under the influence which he has never been before. Carson also wanted to fit in with his friends because he didn’t have any and he finally got some friends so he would do anything to fit in.

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