create a sustainability initiative proposal by 1.) S

Assignment Objective: Create a sustainability initiative proposal by 1.) Select a health care setting for which you can implement a sustainability initiative and 2.) Select a sustainability initiative.

Instructions: Complete the worksheet below to help you to create a proposal for the sustainability initiative you want to promote at the health care setting you selected.

Background information

Selection of a Health Care Setting

[ Select a health care setting you want to focus on for your sustainability initiative e.g., local hospital, veteran hospital, ambulance service, urgent care, nursing home, etc. Provide the name of the setting.] Note: To delete any tip (such as this) just click it and start typing. If you’re not yet ready to add your own text, just click a tip and press spacebar to remove it.

Analyzation of the Selected Health Care Setting

[Analyze the setting you have selected and break it down to the main departments, employee roles, operating activities, etc.] While doing so, brainstorm opportunities to reduce cost or eliminate waste while improving patient care or outcomes. .(No need to write your brainstorm, just think about ideas.).

Selection of Sustainable Initiative

[Review the list of sustainable initiatives from the list below, and select one that you want to promote for your course project.] • Energy Efficiency • Lighting • IR Scanning • Cogeneration • Kanban Inventory • Device Exchange • CR Pack Reformation • Device Reprocessing • Red Bag Waste Reduction • Blue Wrap Recycling Note: Ensure that the opportunity you select correlates with the setting you select. Additionally, if you want to complete a sustainable initiative that is not on the list, obtain approval from your instructor before completing the assignment.

Identification of Data Sources

[ Identify data sources you might need to collect and analyze for your initiative. Consider contacting people in the industry and at your organization who may be able to help.]

Proposal (Word Count Requirement for Questions 5 and 6: Must be 525-700 words, combined total.)

Vision or Mission Statement for Sustainability Initiative

[Create a clear vision or mission statement that defines the scope of the initiative and would generate buy-in.]

Expectations and Outcomes of Sustainability Initiative

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