How to create a lesson plan

For this assignment you will need a lesson plan in math or unit that includes an assessment. You may use one of your own, create a new one, or modify one that you find. Make sure the assessment contains all the elements of effective assessment and then explain or provide measures to show:

How it aligns to the essential knowledge, understanding, and skills of the targeted learning outcomes.
How students will be absolutely clear of those targeted learning outcomes
Why it is the right kind of assessment to measure what needs to be measured
Why it is a fair sample of the content to be assessed
How it emphasizes what matters most in the topic of study
How it works for the students who will use it
How it will provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know, understand, and can do
How you will provide clear and effective feedback
How it will lead to improved instruction
How students will benefit from the assessment

Make sure to identify the grade level and content area as well as appropriate learning outcomes or objectives that are being assessed. There is not a page or length requirement for this assignment; however be sure to address all elements listed above, and provide the proper APA citation for any sources that you use. Include a title page and reference page(s).
Please answer all of the questions.

It needs to be in APA format even the reference page.

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