Create your setting, where are you picking this artist up?


  1. Open the PDF that is attached and follow instructions for your final exam essay.
  2. Post your final essay in the Final Exam Forum in the Discussion Board.
  3. If you picked the same artist as another classmate that is OK but your essays must be very different!
  4. TIPS  
    • Create your setting, where are you picking this artist up? 
    • Where you would take this artist to dinner and why 
    • At least 5 questions that you would ask this artist along with their answers 
    • Would anything interesting happen during dinner?  How would the artist react? 
    • Would you go anywhere else after dinner with your artist?  What would happen after dinner? 
    • You have to research that artist and USE FACTS about  the artist in your story as if you are really having dinner with this  person.  
    • Conclude your story with a personal reflection of your experience with that artist and your time with them.   

Creativity is key!  Try to include a photo of your artist if you can!

(you can create this assignment in a word document and turn it in)

Here is a great student example:

Dining with Dali

 When looking back on notable moments in my life I always remember  the day that I got to spend time with one of the great famous artists,  Salvador Dali. It was later in his life and he had only just returned to  his original home of Figueres. I happened to be sitting in a small  place grabbing a bite when I saw him come in. This was in his later life  so he came in his wheel chair, but his mustache gave him away no matter  how far he was. I never intended on speaking to him but he happened to  sit at the table beside me. After introducing myself he seemed to enjoy  the extra company and let me talk with him a bit while he waited for his  order to come out. I Think what swayed him was that I knew enough  French to introduce myself in that Language. Despite himself being  Spanish born, his primary language was actually French.

I started off my mini-interview by asking the simple question of “how  was it like growing up?”. “well having been raised by my mother who was  catholic and a father who was very much an Atheist, you can expect me  to come out fairly interesting” we both laughed as he continued “My  mother, who I truly loved, had always been supportive in my artistic  endeavors. Me and my father however did not always see eye to eye but  even he could not deny my talent. He eventually took me from the regular  schools and transferred me to Hispano-French School of the Immaculate  Conception. This is where I first began learning my French” The waiter  came over and got us some water before we continued with our  conversation. “So, how did you and Gala end up meeting?”. He grinned as  he wasn’t at all shy about his antics,” well we actually met when she  and her husband Paul Éluard came to visit me about my work. She and I  eventually got to liking each other and had an affair for a while before  she left him for me.” Having already known about his somewhat open  relationship with Gala, I was still amazed at out nonchalantly he seemed  to say it. Looking at the time I thought of one more thing to ask him  as I had already talked his ear off enough, that and I could see his  food being brought by a waiter from the back.” One more thing I just  have to ask, what were you thinking when you created the Persistence of  Time piece?”. He chuckled before replying,” Yes, one of my more notable  works. The soft watches are an unconscious symbol of the relativity of  space and time, a Surrealist meditation on the collapse of our notions  of a fixed cosmic order. I had a few theories in this time with Hardness  and softness that I liked to put into my art” As his meal came over, I  quickly thanked him and gave each other a wave goodbye as I left.  Something that only took a few minutes of my day will always be  treasured by me for a life time.

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