Creating a Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast

Create a 3-year projected sales forecast for your business. Break out the projected sales by product line (as specific as possible without too much detail) or breakout by service provided. For example, a sporting goods store could have the following sales categories:
Product #1: Clothing sales
Product #2: Specialty clothing sales (custom jerseys, etc.)
Product #3: Equipment sales
Product #4: Hobby sales
Product #5: Misc. sales
Product #6: Hat sales
Use the following sales forecast template as a guide. There are four tabs at the bottom. One for each year and the fourth tab is totals only and calculates based on entries made on the previous sheets. Your job is to project how many of each product or service you’ll sale at what amount. The template has numbers there as placeholders. Replace with your own numbers. Your sales forecast could start slow and ramp-up. It could also have seasons built in, depending on your business model. Make it as realistic as possible. This will be a key piece of your projected financials which are due next week.

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