Criminal Justice hw No plagarism will be checked for originality

1: From a “theoretical” (i.e. criminal justice theory) perspective appraise (i.e., form a critical opinion) as to why Transnational OC has continued to grow. In answering this DQ, you may use any criminological theory (e.g., Robert K Merton’s Theory of Anomie and Edwin H. Sutherland’s Differential Association Theory, Rational Choice, etc) that you choose in order to explain your answer.

2: Assess the impact of Prohibition on organized crime (to include scrutinizing both it’s strengths and weaknesses). Within your response “very briefly” include the public’s view of the Prohibition Bureau.

Note: Each Forum question response should be “minimum” of 500 words of content (does not count references and or restating a question) and include “at least” two different and properly referenced sources, in accordance with APA 6th edition, for full credit. Please see the syllabus for what constitutes a “substantive” response.

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