criminal justice leadership and issues in diversity

you are in johnson in the deep south the sheriff jim jones has had a murder and the fbi has come into claim jurisdiction it appears that this suspected perpetrator is a serial killer who has been crossing state lines sheriff jones has a force of all caucasian officers he is also known for his propensity to denagrate minorites the fbi force consists of caucasian officers asian american officers and african american officer the lead investigator is asian descent sheriff jone has to work hand in back with this lead investigator he has shown that he is not happy about the situation

address the following in 3-4 pages

what effect would this have on his leadership role with his officers?

what effect would this have on his interaction with another agency?

would this have an effect on community relation and cooperation with the community with the fbi?

if this attitude continued and sheriff jones held back pertinent information from the fbi that caused the perperator to flee the area

would this behavior causes moral problems within sheriff jones department

how would it have an effect on the officers?

be sure to reference

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