Criminology Term Papers

Criminology is a social science whose main agenda is to research crime, those who commit a crime and look at criminal justice systems hoping that information can be transformed into policies that will effectively handle and abolish crime. Although criminology is a specialty discipline, it is associated with other disciplines such as sociology, law, psychologists, statistics, psychiatry, and biology. Criminology research provides findings that can support, prison officials, lawyers, judges, probation officers, and prosecutors.  Therefore, as a criminology student, you should have requisite knowledge on the topic of Criminology Term Papers.

Pitfalls to avoid during your Criminology Term Paper writing process

  • Defective arguments

Keep away from flawed criminology arguments.  That is, arguing only from an individual perspective ignoring social condition and patterns contributing to their behaviors. The writer should be able to look at the social processes leading to the individual behavior and not only human nature.

  • Avoid excessive summary with no analysis

Criminology Term Paper requires the student to go beyond mere summary so that he or she can help their reader understand their evaluation and analysis of their paper or data.

  • A weak thesis

A good thesis statement captures the reader and moves them beyond a simple observation. A strong thesis statement will always create an arguable perspective that requires demonstration of its validity. Therefore, lack of an adequate complex thesis statement will lead to a poor quality Criminology Term Paper.

  • Inadequate support

A well-written thesis statement requires substantial acceptable evidence. If your thesis does not have an arguable complex claim, you are required to revise it before you begin working on your paper. Take time to develop a purposeful thesis statement with great evidence to support it.

  • Avoid plagiarism at all cost

Avoid using someone else’s work without proper attribution. The truth is that one cannot create a Criminology Term Paper without borrowing ideas from different scholars to support your claim. However, expressing those ideas as your own in your paper is stealing. Whether you are summarizing, quoting or paraphrasing them in your own words, you must cite the sources to indicate that you acknowledge that those are not your ideas. Even though you did not tend to plagiarize not citing other peoples work in your paper, you have already committed plagiarism.

  • Do not use just any sources you find online

Ensure that the sources used for the internet are credible and reliable. Take time to carefully evaluate the online sources. Ensure that the source has the name of the author, the date of publication and the publisher.

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Possible topics for a Criminology Term Paper

  1. Domestic abuse in your country. In some regions it is extremely frequent and not many people dare to interfere. On the other hand, in most of the civilized countries, it is punished by law in a very strict way.
  2. Children who commit murder. It sounds very scary, but there were many cases like this in the history. Children who were abused or who were mentally ill end up by killing their parents or siblings.
  3. Death punishment. In many places, criminals can receive the death punishment for their actions. Do you think that this is justice or revenge?
  4. Gun control. A big part of the problem is the fact that people are allowed to have guns all the time. Naturally, this means that there are more and more crimes.
  5. Discrimination. Do you think that some ethnic minorities are more exposed to discrimination? Does this turn them into violent individuals?
  6. Serial killers. Discuss a little bit about the most famous serial killers in the world.
  7. The black widow. This woman is still known as one of the most dangerous criminals in the world.
  8. Terrorist attacks. Is anything triggering them? Is the government not doing enough to stop these actions?
  9. Juvenile jails. Psychologists say that by putting a child in jail, you are making him even more violent. Do you agree with this?
  10. Bullying. As innocent as this can seem to some people, the truth is that many of the victims turn into violent aggressors later in life.
  11. Pedophiles. Do you think that they should be free to live a normal life in the society?
  12. Stalkers. This is one of an unknown types of aggressors. What do you know about them?
  13. Self-defense. Did you know that in some countries you can go to jail if you kill someone who attacked you?
  14. Double personality disorder. Many criminals said that they suffer from this disease, but the truth is that there are only a few real cases known to humankind

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