Critical Thinking.

Now that you have read material on the history and definition of critical thinking you you should have a much clearer understanding of the skill of critical thinking. One way to really make sure someone understands a concept is to have them explain it to a child. Here you have to put a concept into simple words that even a very young person could understand.

Imagine that a 10-year-old has found out that you are taking a critical thinking class. This child asks you, “What is critical thinking?” You now need to explain it.

I would like to see two things in the initial post of this week’s discussion.

  • An explanation of critical thinking in words a 10-year-old could understand.
  • An example they could relate to. This example might be about making a choice between two things they would want or would like to do.

If you can do this, you clearning have an understanding of critical thinking. Have fun with this and be creative.

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