The SLP for this module involves taking a look at the stereotypes we have of our own culture to that of another culture. Begin by assessing your stereotypes by filling out the following self-assessment: Assessing Your Stereotypes. 

My group                  Other Group

Caribbean   Vs           Asian


Score: 71                     Score: 78



write a 2 full-page paper (excluding title and references pages) reflect on the following questions:  


1. What was the score for your own group? For the other group? 


2. What did the “Assessing Your Stereotypes” self-assessment reveal about the stereotypes you hold about your own and the other culture?


3. How can the concept of social identity be used to explain your scores? 


4.  What other insights have you gained about stereotypes from this questionnaire, the readings, and other aspects of the course so far that will be valuable to you in leading across different cultures?  



Use the following reading on Social Identity Theory to help you address questions 3 and 4 above:    McLeod, S. (2008). Social Identity Theory. Retrieved from

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