CSI Effect Written Testimony

The prof added some feedback on a previous paper. Please take into consideration her feedback and review the instructions carefully.  Word document was added with the instructions, feedback and screenshots. Thank you.



Pretend you are an expert witness that is writing a report for the jury. Write a ‘testimony’ about the CSI effect arguments discussed in the Forward of your textbook. 

You need to take a stance on both issues (specifically the two issues discussed on paragraphs 3 and 4 on page XV). Review the video for this module for the exact paragraphs you need to address. (Screenshot attached to word document) 

Do you agree with the prosecutor’s complaint about the CSI effect? Why or why not? 

Do you agree with the defense attorney’s complaint about the CSI effect? Why or why not? 

You must use at least four academic/scholarly sources to support your stance.

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