CT 33

Watch the video. Then write your responses to the prompts.

After watching the “What Would You Do?” clip, summarize the scenario in short one paragraph. In the next paragraph(s) give as many perspective/viewpoints from the scenario as possible before answering what you would do in the last paragraph. DON’T JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION BASED ON YOUR EMOTIONS. Do this without being biased or using “I”. Use the “student guide to critical thinking” to assist you with the assignment. In order to earn a better grade, critically think about what you intend on writing, use proper mechanics in writing, and when conveying the points of view, be as unbiased as possible. Using one sentence to write about each statement presented in this exercise will not be sufficient. Be thorough, yet concise. 




1. State the problem as simply and clearly as you can.   one paragraph

  1. 2. Describe the values and point of view of the mother.   one paragraph
  2. 3. Describe the values and point of view of the child.   one paragraph
  3. 4. Describe the values and point of view of the bystanders.  one paragraph
  4. 5. After discussing the issues and looking at different points of view, what is your reasonable point of view?  Why?  Include a description of your values and fully explain.    one paragraph


I need to write for me overall  5 paragraph from this five question.


This is the link I attached below. Rude teens berate parents while shopping at a sneaker store | What Would You Do? | WWYD


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