Cultural and Ethnic Studies:A Cultural Analysis of Empire Television Show

Who is the intended audience? How does the text address its
intended audience? Are there other audiences that the text reaches? How do different audiences,
based on race, region, ethnicity, age, gender and/or income, construct different meanings for the
same text? What do the reviews, Nielsen ratings, discussions, surveys, interviews, focus groups,
participant observation, audience responses in the press, editorials, talk shows, etc. say about the
cultural text? Has the text won any awards, gained recognition, or created controversy that
generated additional press coverage? Are there fan subcultures, e.g. Bey Hive, Team Minaj/Barbz,
etc.? What are the differences between official/authorized fan sites and unofficial fan sites?
o Sample Source: Jacqueline Bobo, Black Women as Cultural Readers (available Healey Library

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