Current Controversial Issue


You will write a 4-5 page paper (DO Not count the title page or bibliography)covering one particular political, social, or economic controversy. The paper must recognize and forcefully present your argument as well as address the various perspectives and counter-argument (which means you must provide a history for the pro position and a history for the con position). Analyze the supporting evidence, don’t just list it. You have been provided a partial list of controversial topics, as well as those from student suggestions in class.

Sign up for topics – first-come-first-serve on February 4, 2018 email me your desired topic from the list below! (Click on the attached Guidelines to see the list of topics).


You must use a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 sources in your paper, which will be written in MLA format (including a minimum of 6 internal citations). To uncover the best sources, you will need to read as many as 8+ sources, the more the better for knowledge of your topic. Do not shortchange this process. Often the best sources are found after several days of library or on-line research. The first sources you read are not always the best or the most credible or insightful. Once the papers are complete, students will be grouped together by topic and will be required to provide a quick verbal summary of your issue and key findings to the rest of the class. DUE DATE: March 4, 2018, NO EXCEPTIONS! SUBMIT BY DROPBOX ONLY.

MLA Format: Students, if you need help with MLA formatting I have attached a link to help you

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