Customer Relationship Management Case

Ten Thousand Villages of Cincinnati:

The First Year and Beyond

After reviewing the case, respond to the following questions:

1. Contrast fair trade (as introduced in the case) with the traditional form of free trade.

2. How do the mission statements and operating principles of TTV and TTV Cincinnati (TTVC) support the ideology of free trade? Discuss the balance/conflict that may exist between the nonprofit mission and the effort to increase sales.

3. What makes cultural creatives a unique segment in the U.S. marketplace? What specific marketing techniques should TTVC use to appeal to the cultural creative segment?

4. What should Karen do to prepare for year two and beyond? Does it make sense for TTVC to focus on its current customers in year two? Why or why not?

5. Define customer relationship management, discuss how CRM is appropriate for TTVC and give samples of CRM strategies that Cheryl may implement in the TTVC store.


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