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1st part

My local Chamber of Commerce is Georgia Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiaries. It is one of the largest chambers located in Alpharetta, Ga. Founded in 1924. The Alpharetta region is one of the fastest growing community and a family-friendly destination for all to enjoy.

The Chamber works to carry out its mission of advancing the interest of business for a vibrant Alpharetta region. It is acknowledged as the most effective voice for business in the region and the county has dedicated itself to promoting a wide-range and progressive business climate, as well as assuming a leadership position in identifying and resolving community issues and concerns. The Georgia Chamber sponsors programs of a public, social, and cultural nature in order to improve the quality of life for Alpharetta Ga, region, residents and the business community. Based on the written profile, the website is set up to help its audience, such as:  visitors, guest, residents, and friends of Alpharetta division, navigate and enjoy all that the chamber has to offer. The stakeholder’s message explains all the many things the audience can do in Alpharetta region for entertainment. They inform people all of the attractions the region offers. They express how you can find yourself in the middle of all these wonderful attractions if you visit its county.

2nd part

     When you know your audience and stakeholders, getting your message across becomes much easier to convey. The analysis I created for the community stakeholders and audience of Georgia, is as follows: Georgia Chamber of Commerce” is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to select clients median household income by ages are; less than 25years old is $41,840, 25 to 40 years old is   $66,503, 45 to 64 years old is  $81,164, and 65 years or over is $56,208.  The median age is around 33 years old (Fletcher, 2010). According to the website, it seems as though the people who live and visit Alpharetta region do so because they love the events and the attractions the county offers. The stakeholders promote an understanding of the appreciation for business and it provides a strong business community leadership. The website offers social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social Medias. It also tells people when all of the upcoming events will take place. The website does not offer many bright and colorful photos, illustrations, and settings to catch the audience eyes and keep their attention and interests. The web page is mostly black with a few pictures. As a stakeholder, I would use webograghics to track the interest of the people who enter the site, to have a better understanding what interest the people.

3rd part analysis.

Based on the analysis I would recommend adding more information about the Alpharetta Ga, region. It provides an abundance of information on entertainment and all of the attractions the county offers, but the website does not willingly discuss anything about the safety of the location, the parking, the parking cost in the city, or the attitudes of the people who live there. As a viewer, I would want to know if the people are friendly and if my visit would be affordable. This type of information can be the deal breaker.  I would want to have these available tools at my fingertip, to help me decide whether or not I will bring my family or just me and friends for a vacation there.

I would also endorse the making of an inviting heading that would cover the better part of the first page stating Georgia Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiaries Chamber of Commerce, and that is in the body of the page.  At the very top of all the other pages, there is a picture of the city that has Deloitte written in white, It not very visible. I would explore more options to enhance the caption picture and name. Making the heading standout will help draw the audience to the website because people will think if they took the time to make a website about a place look this dazzling, it must be a fun place to visit.

4th part

There can be numerous genuine issues that would affect the customers’ ability to access the website. To avoid this, the designer must make certain they test their web page and always try to improve it.  The Chambers of Commerce website is set up for networking and generating revenue for its town. This type of web page will bring in proceeds and will need more maintenance and attention to gain revenue from the audience. 

My improvements would be of great advantage to the chamber because it would seek to fish in more potential customers and keep the existing customers in want to get more information from the website. The visitor will not have to hop from one site to another, to gather appropriate information. When your audience starts hoping sites, we take a chance of losing them, because some other site will catch their attention. My recommendation will keep the person on the site where they will receive all the necessary information needed to decide on a visit. My improvements will bring in people from afar to come and spend money in the Town of Alpharetta Ga, because the website will show all of the different types of entertainment and other attractions, offering information about the people who live there, the safety, the parking and hotel conditions and much more. Not to boot… but the webpage will be one that fully captures the attention of viewers to want to visit. It would provide all the necessary information to lure people in.        


Commerce, C. o. (2013). Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved from Onenews Prince George’s:

Bonnye E. Stuart, M. S. (2007). Integrated Business Communication: In a Global Marketplace. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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