Delta Case 2

Your team case analysis should be a minimum of 35 slides and a maximum of 60 slides (plus the two- page executive summary). Keep in mind that there is no one answer that I am seeking. Each team might take a different approach (e.g. one might see the company as a reactor; another may see it as a defender). Your job is to provide the best possible argument for why you believe your approach is correct. You need to support your position with quality arguments. Be sure in Part 1 that you DO NOT start to develop a detailed new business strategy for the organization. While you may think that they could benefit from a new strategy, your job in this situation is to craft an HR strategy to support the direction that the company has chosen to take. Your focus in Part 1 should be on identifying the strategy, determining if the HR department is supporting the strategy and then identify the strengths and weaknesses of the HR department. If you classify the company as a reactor, you should recommend (briefly) the approach you think the company should take in the future (defender, prospector, analyzer – you can’t develop an HR strategy if there is no real business strategy which is the case with the reactor); but BE BRIEF. Don’t craft a detailed new strategy. Just take a slide to recommend the approach you think the company should take and why. Make sure that you do not try to “fix” the HR problems here – that is for Part 2. DO NOT repeat case information. Your job is to analyze the information – I have read the case and understand the issues that the company is facing.

I just need help with PART ONE

Be sure to answer question 1 fully, with a minimum of 18 full slides. Ensure to provide references. If you plagiarize, I will be forced to request a withdrawal of payment. It entails:

– Is HR supporting the strategy?

– HR strategy that supports the organization’s strategic choice

– How should Delta continue to regain the commitment of employees

– Discuss your strategic recommendations

– How are your suggestions linked to improved customer satisfaction

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