To demonstrate competency in public speaking techniques, speech organization and researc

  1. Purpose: To demonstrate competency in public speaking techniques, speech organization and research. Pick a career you are interested in. Then research the job requirements, educational/training requirements, earnings, levels of promotion / job ladders, why do you want to pursue this career, what makes the career interesting. Some great sources for information are the Bureau of Labor and Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook and O*Net Online. Must properly cite sources both verbally and on the outline, or your grade will be affected! May use either MLA or APA style, just be consistent. Use Writing Center, library and OWL Purdue (Online Writing Lab ) for citation help.

  2. Developmental Skill: To practice speaking before a group, introductory research, creating/developing an outline, supporting main ideas through research, explanation and description

  3. Time: 3 – 5 minutes (no shorter, no longer)

  4. Grading: 125 points possible, (Presentation – 90, outline – 10,-25 Personal Reflection).

  5. Presentation: Note cards may be brought up with you. The cards should only be key-word/phrase outline. A key-word/phrase outline triggers your memory bank in order for you to talk to your audience about your subject. Full sentence outlines encourage you to read from your notes; therefore, please do not come up with a complete sentence outline (full page) during your speech.

  6. Outline: A typed, complete sentence outline (with proper citations) must be turned in on the day you speak, or face a 10 point deduction. In your complete sentence outline, I will be looking for good organization and complete development of your ideas. The complete sentence outlines MUST BE TYPED.

  7. Visual Aids: Use one visual aid for extra credit (2pts on delivery scores).

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