Describe the article’s purpose and audience

Genre Analysis

Background: In unfamiliar writing situations, genre analysis can help academic writers choose writing conventions that are appropriate for their purposes. As the writing of a particular academic discipline becomes more familiar, experienced academic writers develop their understanding of how and why certain genres and conventions are used. To investigate how expert writers use conventions to achieve their purposes, this assignment asks you to analyze important writing choices in a journal article related to your major or intended writing intensive course.

Prompt: How do expert writers in the disciplines use structure, reference, and language conventions to achieve their purposes? Describe the purpose and audience of a journal article from a discipline related to your undergraduate goals; explain why one significant convention in the article is an effective choice for the article’s purpose and audience; discuss what undergraduate writers in the disciplines can learn from your analysis.

Text Features

· Introduce the title and author of the article to be analyzed

· Describe the article’s purpose and audience

· Explain why one of the article’s genre conventions is an effective choice

· Use summary, paraphrase, quotation, description, and/or images to provide detailed evidence of the convention analyzed

· Discuss one way your analysis can inform undergraduate writers

· Include in-text citations and a references page using an appropriate citation style

Process Steps

· Locate a journal article from a discipline related to your undergraduate plans or intended writing intensive course

· Identify evidence of the article’s purpose and audience

· Identify genre conventions that seem important for the article’s purpose/audience

· Write a rough draft that explains one significant convention in the article

· Revise your draft based on feedback from peers and the instructor

Intended writing courses:

GOVT 165. Politics of the Underrepresented. = 3 Units

Examines the phenomenon of political underrepresentation in the U.S.A. It will identify significant affected groupings, examine the conditions which have resulted in such underrepresentation, evaluate the effects of underrepresentation on the lives of affected groups, and consider relevant political strategies. Emphasis on particular groups may vary with instructor.

Please use one convention ( language, structure, visual)

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