Describe the ethical dilemmas faced by Tim Cook

For each case analysis write-up that you complete, you should answer the corresponding questions in your write-up. However, neither your presentation nor your write-ups should just include a list of the questions and your answers. Instead, you should use the questions and your answers to drive your analysis of the case and the organization of both your presentation and your write-ups. Please note that your write-ups should be 1-2 pages in length (single-spaced) and are due at 12pm on the day the case is to be presented in class.

Case #3: Building a “Backdoor” to the iPhone

  1. Describe the ethical dilemmas faced by Tim Cook.

  2. What were Tim Cook’s primary responsibilities that would have influenced his decision to refuse to succumb to the U.S. government’s pressure to build a backdoor to the iPhone? Identify how these responsibilities may have conflicted. 3. Identify and assess the ways that Tim Cook can resolve the ethical dilemmas he is facing.

  3. Of these different courses of actions, what do you think Tim Cook should do?

  4. What important Organization Behavior related lessons can we learn from the case?


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