Describe the community health setting of interest


Healthy People Objectives for Community Settings (graded)

The federal government developed Healthy People as a set of national health objectives that are revised every 10 years. These objectives are very specific in order to guide and measure our nation’s progress related to public health.

Please visit Click on a topic area that relates to a community health (CH) setting you are learning about. Click on the green Objectives area in that topic area to choose one Healthy People 2020 numbered objective.

  • Describe the community health setting of interest (see Chapters 30–33).
  • Discuss one specific numbered Healthy People 2020 objective (not a goal) related to this community health setting.
  • How could a community health nurse help this setting meet this objective?

Here is a helpful “Introduction to Healthy People 2020 website” document to aid you in navigating the HP 2020 website.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2014). Healthy People 2020: 2020 Topics & Objectives. Retrieved from

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