Describe their approach to leadership, drawing on at least one leadership theory from the academic literature.

Professor Michelle Yvonne Simmons, 2018 Australian of the Year, Quantum Physicist 1. Briefly describe this leader’s background – including details such as their current role and organization, work history, educational background, family background if relevant, industry involvement. 2. Describe their approach to leadership, drawing on at least one leadership theory from the academic literature. Provide evidence to support your assessment of their leadership approach. That is, describe two specific examples of actions they have taken that demonstrate this particular leadership approach you have described. 3. What are two key challenges they have faced as a leader? How have they managed this challenge? What could they do differently to be even more effective? 4. What have you learned about leadership from studying this particular leader? The essay needs to have a clear and coherent structure, be clearly expressed, with few errors. In your essay refer to at least ten (12) references, eight (8) of which need to be current academic references no older than 2010. An academic reference is a journal article or academic book. It is likely you will also have references from websites and news media about the leader – These are not counted in the 10 references. The academic references could be about the leadership theory you have chosen, about important leadership capabilities that this person has had to demonstrate (such as creating a strong Organisational culture, creating a motivating environment, influencing others or managing change), or about the challenges they face. Please note that assignments must be typed or word-processed and the first page include: • Student name and number in the top right handcorner • Date of submission • Electronically read word count (does not include the References or Appendix sections). • Your file will be labelled for submission: Assessment 2 LWM_Your Name.docxAssignments must be typed in 12-point font, using 1.5-line spacing and paragraphs must be fully justified at both the left and right margin. Your assignment will be assessed against the following rubric. make sour if the essay not much with all structures you already red i will return to you. Thanks

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