Descriptive essay based on one of Norton essays

Descriptive Essay rough draft is due. See the details below.
choosing one of the Norton essays “Under the Influence&quot” (p. 121) or “Strangers” (p. 158) or “The Woman, the Place, the Poet” (p. 162) or “in the Kitchen&quot” (p. 323)
For your next essay, be creative. Use sensory details. Sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell are all critical to your writing. In addition, it’s imperative to focus on emotions, structure, organization, and purpose. You are an artist who paints in words.

For this word painting, you need to use one of the Norton pieces. You choose the essay, any essay in the book… But be aware that some of the essays are much easier to work with than others. You need to write about what happens after the essay ends. In other words, continue the story. Continue the style. Continue where the author left off. Be sure you’r e balancing/blending all five senses, implying emotion, and emphasizing purpose throughout. Where will you take this piece? Be creative.

Remember that in choosing one of the Norton essays, you’re committed to writing an entire piece. It needs to be creative and original, yet it also needs to utilize what has been written prior to you. It needs to utilize all five senses. Sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound are essential to the reader/writer connection. You want to think about how you can balance the senses throughout the paper rather than having them work as separate, choppy pieces. It is often more effective if you choose a narrative essay from Norton. Essays with stories are much easier to continue than essays that are research-based. Choose wisely.

Keep in mind that a descriptive essay needs to have a purpose, a lesson that is shared from beginning to end (but is not overtly stated). In addition, you don’t want to string a list of adjectives together in order to "sound descriptive." Rather, your details need to teach the readers something. You want to use your imagination, and in doing so, allow your readers to go along with you on a creative excursion. This excursion should, within its sensory details, explore implied emotion. In other words, your sensory details imply emotions, and the two of these (sensory details and implied emotions) convey the essay’s purpose. You shouldn’t have to explain your ideas. Your essay should be the communicator.

Requirements: Typed, 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, page numbers (and other MLA requirements), heading (your name, class, my name, MLA date), creative title, extensive revision, participation in the workshop, rough draft/final draft.

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