Discuss how HR management skills can be used in organizational settings

You are an HR professional helping supervisors provide a climate that promotes employee’s motivation to achieve. Put together a memo-type document to supervisors that will help them come to the realization that frequent feedback and recognition has a more powerful impact on long-term performance than a review once a year accompanied by a merit pay increase. Identify the major HR challenges facing organizations and managers.
Discuss how HR management skills can be used in organizational settings.
Identify the social, economic, political, and cultural challenges that confront HR managers in the 21st century.
Discuss factors affecting employee productivity and satisfaction.
Explain the role of compensation and its influence on employee behavior

In the memo-type document, be sure that the supervisors understand how resulting behaviors are different according to the approach taken: different approaches to performance review, rewards, feedback, and coaching for performance improvement provides different outcomes. Illustrate your ideas and information with examples of how frequent feedback and recognition can be delivered. Be sure to include a justification, time frame, and how the results will be evaluated.

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