Discuss the role of technology in the world of Harry Potter

Discuss the role of technology in the world of Harry Potter, describe the technology, and assessing how these elements are brought to life in the films.

Scholarly Resources: Students must include at least 3 scholarly sources in their project. Internet sources are also acceptable general resources for your paper as long as you have verified the veracity of the information published there. Because of the popular nature of the topic of this course, much of what you find on the internet will be “general resources” rather than “scholarly resources.” You will need to use the article databases to located “scholarly resources.”

Course Materials: Regardless of your project’s topic, you must incorporate some of your learning from the course readings — the Gunelius Harry Potter book . You will not be able to incorporate everything you have learned in your project but it is important to demonstrate that you have thought critically about some of the concepts in this course.

Writing Skills: Writing in either the essay or project should be logically organized and should conform to the rules of correct English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Students are expected to use normal font sizes and typical margins. Essays must contain an introductory paragraph that provides a “road map” to the reader and a concluding paragraph that wraps up the essay. Paragraphs should contain topic sentences and should be organized so that ideas progress logically throughout the body of the essay.

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