discuss two trends.

W5 Assignment 1: Post Here – Read
this for tips!
Identify 2 trends in advertising from the last 10 years.
Describe what they are, provide at least 2 examples of
each trend (a total of 4 examples), and describe if the
examples provided were or were not successful
advertisements. Describe why/why not.
What are some trends? Social media advertising?
Consumer involvement? Less print ads and more
internet ads? Health food ads over unhealthy food ads?
Ads about greener things? Full bodied women in the
ads over rail-thin models? Edgier people in the ads
over traditional? What are we seeing now that we didn’t
used to?
Be sure to discuss two trends. Provide two examples of
each in the form of ads. Explain why they are
successful or why they are not.
Add image captions. Use MLA – double-space
throughout. Indent the first sentence in every
paragraph five spaces. Add a Works Cited page.
Helpful MLA link: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/
Always review the rubric. It is what you are graded on.
Make sure you address everything on the rubric. Have
Try not to be late. Late work is marked down.

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