Discussion questions based on Maggie Jackson’s Book, Distracted (2008)

Answer discussion question based on maggie jackson’s book, Distracted(2008). Consider 1 paragraph response to each question. (Total 2 pages for this part)
1, Jackson provides compelling evidence for the interplay between efficiency in our increasing compressed lives (e.g. multi-tasking, hyper-scheduling in smaller units, Taylorism or new forms of the industrial revolution) and chaos, fragmentation, and loss of discourse. Cite examples of this in your personal, professional and intellectual life. Which seems to dominate, efficiency or chaos?
2, Student are entering the work world (and even graduate school) with increasing expectations for states of distraction. For example, employer’s expectations for mult-tasking, 24/7 access, state-of-the-art computer literacy, information overload, increased data processing, etc. How do we balance preparation for our professional lives with a sense of empowerment and agency in making choices regarding technology and distraction?
3, Several researchers and social critics in this book point to the Millennial age group as the “redo generation (just restart the computer, redo your facebook, reinvent the self) and the erosion of personal relationships; replaced by surface, “networked individualism. In addition, the future suggests increased dependence on computers, the seduction of techno-modernistic competency, and expansion of computerized  Do you feel this is a justified critique of the Millennial generation? Why or why not?
4, What resonated for you in this book? (E.g. reactions, question raised, skepticism). Which chapters. Comments did you feel were particularly relevant to YOUR like? Articulate two questions that arise from reading this text that you would ask Maggie Jackson if she came to class.
Pew Internet Reports (www.pewinternet.org)
Pew Internet Reports is the largest study of internet usage in the world. This is an invaluable resource for understanding the media usage. PEW produces easy-to-read studies and fascinating research. They post all their articles, surveys, links to people you can ask questions!!! PEW also did a study on "speculation" on the future of the internet.
Assignment: Please select an article/ survey results/ commentary you want to share with the class. I want you to explore what you consider implications for distraction, new directions for communication, quality of relationships, etc. (Total 1 page for this part)

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