Discussion response two  jenizzary Salas 

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1. In the last twenty years, the government has invested billions of dollars to promote electronic health care. The government had never before participated and promoted to encourage doctors to adopt electronic healthcare (EHR). That is why the government allocated more than 27 billion in the law of information technology of health and economic and clinical health (HITECH). With this investment, the government seeks to encourage hospitals and health providers to adopt electronic health record systems (EHR). (Roger Taylor, 2005)

The government also invested in training and training of health information technology (HIT) workers. The hospitals and providers of this form can file electronically all the files that were printed on paper for years and thus make the health system more efficient. The government’s most important initiative in the use of health information technology (HTI) is to save between 81 and 162 billion dollars that the government spends annually in the health system to reduce morbidity and mortality. The implementation of (HIT). “incentives to promote the adoption of the electronic medical record (EMR) system based on standards, subsidies to develop information exchange networks and programs to measure the report and reward performance.”

In this way, seeks to transform the health system in the United States at a low cost. One of the examples and benefits that we can point out with the electronic health system is that it can be seen in real time and from any facility, that is, the registry of doctors and patients who have had a life.

2. Hitech or health information technology for economic and clinical health created to insert the use of electronic health records. It also created with the proposed adoption of healthcare technology standards.

HIPAA and HITECH, also known as the law of portability and accountability, are separate and related laws but do not depend on many forms. For example, Hitech recommends that Hitech create standard technologies and technologies without compromising the privacy or security laws of HIPAA. (Rouse, 2009)

Hitech also requires that hospitals and providers test the privacy of HIPAA. Another example is that Hitech created a series of data breach regulations. The HIPAA omnibus update is reflected in these regulations and adds details; as a responsibility of the associates and health providers. With this system, the patient has more control over their health.


Roger Taylor, A. B. (2005). Promoting Health Information Technology: Is There A Case For More-Aggressive Government Action? Health Affairs.

Rouse, M. (2009). HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act of 2009. TechTarget .

Discussion response two  jenizzary Salas


The major government health information technology initiatives that have been taken by the government over the last several years is Electronic Health Records (EHRs). EHR would greatly benefit the hospitals and facilities by being able to share health data among other providers and will improve the healthcare quality. In researching the HIT it seems that a study was done in 2011 and had amazing positive results world wide, but for the United States to adapt to it, was very slow results. Seeing as for this slow growth of the EHR back in 2011 was due to money cost but in further research the bigger issue was not money alone but that the lose of revenue might cause an issue as well planning, training, and workflow that would come with switching to the new EHR system.

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability; the HIPAA law is used to protect and disclose individuals information

HITECH – Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health; to promote the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology

References: https://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/newsletter/federal-government-has-put-billions-promoting-electronic-health-record-use



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