Does it matter that you can not really touch anything? How does this make you feel? If you could touch something, what would you touch? How do you think it would feel?

This assignment has two parts. The first part (A) requires that you have reviewed the course notes for this week. The second part (B) requires you to watch some videos and respond to prompts about them.
Part A
You will first need to review the course notes for this week, and optionally attend or watch recordings of the lecture GoTo sessions.
For part A, please post at least 2 well thought out questions (more are encouraged) that you have over this week’s material. Questions should be based on the course notes or lectures and be related to Physics. These questions can include things you are not sure you understand, concepts you find confusing, or questions that go beyond the scope of this course. Questions that make it apparent you have not reviewed the material, have not been through through, or so no effort, may receive partial or no credit at your instructors discretion. Take advantage of your chance to learn. You do not need to answer them, but these questions are mandatory and part of the grade for this activity.
Your instructor will be answering a selection of these questions in a live GoTo session and saving a recoding that will be posted in the Discussion question answers assignment.
Part B
Below you will find links to online videos for you to watch followed by a few questions/prompts. Each prompt might include several questions, but you do not need to answer each one. Use the questions to guide and inspire your response. Each response should be thorough and be at least 2-3 sentences in length.
Can we touch things?
Prompt #1: Does it matter that you can not really touch anything? How does this make you feel? If you could touch something, what would you touch? How do you think it would feel?
Prompt #2: The video discusses atoms from you not being to come in contact with atoms in other objects, but our atoms are not special.Most of our atoms are part of a molecule (chemical bond) but that molecule cannot touch other atoms or molecules in our body.We are just a bunch of molecules that hang out together but don’t touch each other. Is this believable? How does this make you feel? Do you look at yourself differently? Could we use this to our advantage someway?
Nuclear Bombs
Prompt #3: Knowledge is power, and science is all about gaining knowledge. This knowledge can be used for good or evil. Do you have a story about when you or someone you know learned something and used to do something amazing, unique, or unexpected? This could take many forms such as: solving a problem, gaming a system, taking advantage of a loophole, improving a process or cheating. What bit of knowledge did they learn that allowed them to do this feat? Was this a good use of knowledge/power? If you cannot think of an example from personal experience, what about one from history or that you have heard about?
Richard Feynman explains fire
Prompt #4: This video reveals what fire is and even the true origin of trees. These are 2 things that most people have misconceptions about. Explain a misconception (something you thought you understood, but turns out you were wrong) and then explain how it really works. This could be something that you know from personal experience or something you find online. After explaining it in your own words, find a link to a video or article about your misconception incase someone wants to learn more about it. Do your best not to discuss something that has already been posted before you.

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