Does Norberg present a strong argument?

Does Norberg present a strong argument? Why, or why not? What would you argue about the nature of happiness? Instructions: Read “The Scientist’s Pursuit of Happiness,” by Johan Norberg. Your essay should analyze and evaluate Norberg’s use of the argumentative techniques reviewed in class. Your paper should use this analysis to answer the question: does Norberg make a strong or effective argument? Please avoid describing the techniques used and then jumping to the conclusion that it is or is not a strong argument. There should be a clear connection between what techniques were used, how they were used, and how that makes the argument strong or weak. Please use quotations from Norberg’s essay to support your claim. After analyzing Norberg’s argument, please segue into a short argument of your own on the nature of happiness. Find 1-2 sources to back up your argument. Please write essay only in third person. Breakdown of Essay: Analysis – 2/3 of the essay. Your argument – 1/3 of the essay. A few questions to consider (do not answer all of them!): -Who is the author? -What is the purpose of the argument? -Who is the audience for this argument? -What assumptions does the argument make? -What claims does the argument make? -What support is presented? Facts, reason, personal experience? -Do facts, anecdotes, or personal experience come from credible sources? -What authorities does the argument rely on? Are they credible? -Does the argument address opposing views? -How is it organized/arranged? -How does the language, style or tone of the argument work to persuade the audience? Length: 3-4 pages. Format: MLA – please type in Times New Roman, double-spaced 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, with a title and your info at the top (name, class, date, & essay #). Sources: Find 1-2 sources of your own. For this assignment, most of the essay should focus on analyzing and disassembling Norberg’s argument in order to evaluate whether or not it is strong or effective. Once you start making your own points, then please bring in 1 or 2 outside sources to back up your statements on what makes people happy. As always, sources need to be cited in the text and at the end of the essay in your Works Cited page. Grading: When grading this paper, I will be looking for the following elements: Paper is organized and well-developed, considering the length of the assignment, and has clear thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion paragraphs. Paper takes apart Norberg’s essay, analyzes the various techniques used, then draws a conclusion from this analysis and evaluates the overall effectiveness of the argument. Paper uses details and quotes from Norberg’s essay in its analysis. Paper presents reasons and evidence to back up argument for or with Norberg’s view of happiness. Paper cites sources 1-2 sources to back up argument in the text and Works Cited page. Paper adheres to standards listed in the syllabus (please see “Grading Policy”). Resources: -The Concise St. Martin’s Guide to Writing PDF, especially Chapter 9 & 10. -Owl @ Purdue —

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