Does the periodization clearly illustrate your conception of Islamic history?

Directions: Periodizations organize history into distinct periods, which aid historians in their
conception of and approach toward history. Historians identify major turning points in history by
giving preference to significant political, social, religious, cultural, environmental, or economic
factors, then using those frameworks to build a narrative of history.
As a budding scholar, construct a periodization from 570-1500 to illustrate how you conceive of
Islamic history. Title each period, give a brief explanation as to how you settle on a period’s title
and dates, why that period is important, and how it shapes your conception of broader Islamic
history. Be as creative as you would like in your titling of historical periods.
Format: Periodizations should be no longer than 4 double-spaced pages using Times New
Roman font with 1-inch margins. You do not need to include citations, but if you use outside
materials (i.e. materials that are not from this course), please cite them using Chicago Style
footnotes. Please submit your paper as a Word document.

Quality of analysis: Does the periodization clearly illustrate your conception of Islamic history?
Does the evidence presented clearly support that periodization?
Synthesis of information: Does the periodization include substantive evidence, i.e. presentations,
readings, and primary sources? Does that evidence cover a variety of different historical figures,
thinkers, contexts, and/or developments, and synthesize that information accurately into the main
Clarity of prose, editing, and formatting: Is the periodization properly formatted, free from
grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, composed in good, clear, simple English prose that
flows together, and cites sources appropriately?

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