DQ 5.1

Is it possible to utilize the solution-focused approach while also incorporating strategies from 12-Step Facilitation Therapy? Why or why not? Explain by providing specific examples.

This discussion question meets the following NASAC Standards:

6) Appreciate the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in the treatment and recovery process.

10) Describe a variety of helping strategies for reducing the negative effects of substance abuse and dependency.

95) Understand the characteristics and dynamics of families, couples, and intimate dyads affected by addiction.

96) Be familiar with and appropriately use models of diagnosis and intervention for families, couples, and intimate dyads, including extended, kinship, or tribal family structures.

98) Help members of the family, couple, or intimate dyed understand the interaction between their system and addiction.

99) Help families, couples, and intimate dyads adopt strategies and behaviors that sustain recovery and maintain healthy relationships.

104) Describe how addiction affects families and significant/concerned others.

105) Describe continuum of care resources that are available to significant/concerned others.

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