draft a formal, academic essay in MLA format that details an argument about your selected topic.

For this assignment, you will draft a formal, academic essay in MLA format that details an argument about your selected topic. You will use the outline from the previous assignment as a guide, but you can make modifications to your thesis and argument as necessary.

Here are the basic requirements for your essay:

(1) Your essay must be 4-5 pages in MLA format with an additional Works Cited page. 

(2) You must use at least 4 sources in this essay, two of which MUST be academic journal articles. The other two may be journal articles or other credible, academic sources. 

(3) Your essay must be organized with a formal structure, developed with concrete evidence and analysis, documented in appropriate, ethical MLA style, and written with a formal, clear style. 

Please use the following guidelines to help develop a successful essay:

(1) Your essay should begin with an introduction that introduces the topic and ends with a strong thesis. Your thesis should state your argument and its major reasons in a clear, concise manner. Think of it as a mini-map of your paper for a reader. 

(2) Then, you should include a background paragraph that offers your reader more information about the topic and its current debate (or relevant history). Make sure your reader is clear about the exigence of the argument; in other words, why does this argument matter NOW?

(3) After, you should include two to four paragraphs that identify your two to four major reasons. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that links back to the thesis, and you should support each body paragraph with sufficient, credible evidence and analysis.

(4) Before you conclude, please add a Refutation of Opposing Arguments, where you will present the opposing side or potential obstacles and offer a refutation in order to convince your reader and eliminate bias. 

(5) Finally, compose a conclusion paragraph that ties all of your paper’s points together and argues an overall significance. 

(6) Each body paragraph should include concrete evidence from research. You should integrate your research smoothly and ethically. Use identifying tags to introduce your sources and show your reader an outside idea. Always analyze the significance of the research before you move on to the next point! Example: In Jason Ree’s article, he notes that, “QUOTE” (32). This reveals that…

(7) Your tone and style needs to be academic and polished. This helps add credibility to your voice. Reading aloud will help the most with this! Avoid first and second person in this style of writing. 

Assignment Requirements

Your paper should reach a minimum of four pages, 1000 – 1200 words, not including the Works Cited page. 

Formatting Requirements

MLA format

You must submit your rough draft to our online tutoring service, NetTutor, by the due date. Then, before the final paper is due, upload your feedback from NetTutor, along with your rough draft, to Blackboard, using the link provided below.

McDonald 2

TO: Ms. Stephanie High

FROM: Sonja McDonald

DATE: 07 July 2019

RE: Child Abuse

Works cited

Jud, A., Fegert, J. M., & Finkelhor, D. (2016). On the incidence and prevalence of child maltreatment: a research agenda. Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health10(1), 17.

Mendelson, T., & Letourneau, E. J. (2015). Parent-focused prevention of child sexual abuse. Prevention Science16(6), 844-852.

Tiyyagura, G., Gawel, M., Koziel, J. R., Asnes, A., & Bechtel, K. (2015). Barriers and facilitators to detecting child abuse and neglect in general emergency departments. Annals of emergency medicine66(5), 447-454.

Van der Kolk, B. A. (2017). This issue: child abuse & victimization. Psychiatric Annals35(5), 374-378.

The research process was a success. First, I was looking for recent books and journals that have information relating to child abuse. The sources I was looking for were those published from 2015 to date. For the four sources, I wanted each of them to cover different aspects regarding child abuse. First, I researched for a source that shows statistics on the prevalence and incidence of child abuse. The other source was to describe what child abuse is as I have realized that people are not sure what child abuse is and what it is not. Another aspect I wanted to research on is how people can detect child abuse and what barriers hinder its detection. Thirdly, I researched for a source that could give insights into how child abuse can be prevented by the primary caregivers who are the parents.

During this research, I learnt that a researcher needs to be objective in what they want to find out and go ahead to formulate their objectives. For example, on the issue of child abuse a researcher need to know its prevalence, have a detailed definition of what child abuse is, how it can be detected and lastly how it can be prevented. This formulation made it easy for me to get sources as already knew what information I needed.

From my research, I found out that child abuse is so prevalent and something serious need to be done about it. There are so many children who are abused, but they are silent about it. This places the burden on the whole society as children must be made aware that no one should abuse them. I will use these sources to find more about the whole issue and then build a list of recommendations on the prevention and management of child abuse cases.

Please use .pdf, .doc, or .docx files only.

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