dream job

Create a presentation, 4-6 slides in length, for a potential employer. You are interviewing for your future ?dream job? and it is necessary to present your qualifications to the hiring team. Include an introduction slide and at least 2 slides highlighting your skills and experience as they relate to your dream job. Identify the path that you are on in attaining any skills that would be deemed necessary for your dream job. In other words, potential employers are always interested in hearing about your motivations and plans in professional and personal growth. Some graphical illustration of your path to the future you would be useful in this presentation. Be sure to highlight how your unique qualities would be valuable to their company. Finally, your last slide should include a recording of your voice summarizing your presentation and thanking the employer for their time.

Use at least 3 of the following tools in your slide presentation:

Images / Photos
Use the Record Slide Show option to present the information on each slide and record your verbal explanations for each item.

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