Dubai Parks and Resorts (Company and Industry Analysis Report)

8 SOURCES1650 WORDSHAVARDThis paper is based upon hospitality marketing. I have chosen thetopic of a tourism-related company which is Dubai Parks and Resorts.You will have to analyze the company’s current, or generate new,services to cater to the tourists visiting their chosen destination.It is important that you describe the tourism in the destination andlink the current or new service back to these descriptions to justifythe service. You can be as creative as they wish in designing theservice and/or creating potential marketing collateral, provided theseare justified and explained. You are encouraged to provide examples ofhow the company fulfils all the above criteria (e.g. examples of thecompany’s advertisements). This is a business report, and must bewritten as such. All references must follow Harvard standard, soPLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES OF HARVARD REFERENCING THAT I HAVEUPLOADED FOR YOU. This report should be 2,500 words (not includingreferences, executive summary, and appendices). The report is to bewritten in Times New Roman, size 12, and 1.5 LINE SPACING. PLEASEFOLLOW THE RUBRIC AND OUTLINE TO ENSURE ALL AREAS ARE COVERED. Pleaseuse trusted peer reviewed sources from any websites, books, or thesources that I have given below.Required Readings/s 

1. Kotler, P., Bowen, J., & Makens, J., (2013). Marketing forHospitality and Tourism. (6th ed.) New York: Pearson.Case Studies1. Fisher & Ryans (2001) Nintendo – The launch of Game Boy color, Ivey2. Deighton & Kindley (2013) Olympic rent-a-car US – Customer loyaltybattles, Harvard Business SchoolSuggested Reading/s1. Chaffey, D. & Smith, P. R. (2013) Emarketing excellence: Planningand optimizing your digital marketing (4th ed). New York: Routledge

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