DUE 6:30AM 11/22/2015 Reply to this with 200-250 words with 3 criminal justice sources and add bibli

DUE 6:30AM 11/22/2015

Reply to this with 200-250 words with 3 criminal justice sources and add biblical integration.APA format


1.) The job of a defense attorney can be very stressful.  With that being said it had a bearing on one’s personal life as well as trying to establish a respectable, profitable law practice.  Being a defense attorney one may find them being a volunteer or appointed as a lawyer to a particular case.  The financial compensation for that of a defense attorney is less than what a lawyer would make in private practice.  However more and more defense attorneys are taking on more cases just to compensate financially.  Due to the fact that they are taking on more and more cases are causing them to be away from their families more than they expected.  Most defense attorney believe that if they take on more cases they are able to build up a reputation that will later help to establish a profitable private law practice. 

Defense attorney are seen as lawyers who don’t seem to care about those whom they are called upon to represent.  However, this is not true.  Despite how the public feels about the defendant the defense attorney is capable of providing the needed services to prove innocents upon a reasonable doubt.  In order for this to take place the defendant must be willing to build a trusting relationship with the attorney. Just as 2 Peter: 2 seen Jesus as an advocate we the people must see the defense attorney in the same image as we seen Jesus.  If Jesus can honesty, ethical and zealously represent us for our wrong doing so can the defense attorney.  The defense attorney and Jesus both share the common role of ensuring that an individual right is protected to the best of their abilities.Posted: 4 years agoDue: 22/11/2015Budget: $3

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