Economic Issues/HMO Simulation exercise

The HMO Simulation exercise is your opportunity to apply some of the concepts you learn in the course. Here are some tips to help you maximize the experience and the grade:
Use the worksheet to track your answers. The worksheet is not a graded assignment and does not have to be turned in. However, this valuable TOOL will help you select the right plan for the chosen company. It will also provide you with a loose outline for developing your paper.
Select only one company; either ConstructIt OR E-Editors. Do not report on both companies; and do not report on Dearden Industries. It is a waste of time and energy to report on more than one company.
In this scenario, you are the seller (not the buyer). Your job is to maximize profits and minimize risk for Castor Collins. There is only one correct answer for each company. Wrong answers will result in point deductions. Here’s a hint: Castor Standard is not the correct answer for either company. But, you should be prepared to explain why not.
Use headings to address the elements of the assignment. Follow APA as described in the previous week.
Be sure to include the UOP simulation in your references SECTION. The UOP Reference and Citation Generator has a specific section that addresses UOP resources, including e-books and simulations.
Here’s the stimulation
Understanding Economic Issues for HMOs

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