education and training”

I will provide two attachment one with the picture of the book and the second the instruction. the questions for the research paper are ( What is your business challenge) and the other question is (In your teaching and learning, what are steps “education and training” are you using or that may be of use beneficial to overcome your business challenges. My two business challenges are how can a small company compete with company that have been in business for many years , and how to compete with brand loyalty , or how to compete with the prices those company offer some times or quality you can add more. I need to use 10 quote it have to be from a scholarly academy article one of them from the book business fifth edition by ferrell hirt ferrell.

first page my name ….. I provide all the apa requirements in the attachment.

second ,third and fourth page the body

fifth page is the abstract 150-250 word summary of the main points in the research paper

six page the references

Please check the attachment I need to follow everything there and there are the two question and the explanation for the entire paper the only thing that can be copy from the internet are the quote . thank you

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