Educator and Stroke Survivors/Family Caregivers

Carefully review the video Educator and Stroke Survivors/Family Caregivers below

Respond to the following questions with a detailed description and provide examples from the video to support your response. Keep the question and answer format. Responses must include a minimum of three sentences and should include specific examples and APA formatted citations where appropriate. Minimum of three answers to one question. 

1. What did the educator do to connect with the group of stroke-survivor patients and family caregivers?

2. What did the educator say to connect with the group?

3. What non-verbal approaches were used?

4. How did the appearance and voice of the educator contribute to the session?

5. How did the use of space and physical position of the educator contribute to the session?  

6. How was humor used? Was it effective or ineffective?

7. How complex or simple were the words chosen by the educator?

8. How was positive reinforcement used by the educator? Was it effective? How did the patient and/or family caregiver respond?

9. Did the educator rely on power point, teaching materials or use other ways to educate?

10. How did you feel after watching the video?

11. What was learned that can be applied to your teaching plan and script?

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