effective reading and comprehension strategies

Please do all steps and do not leave out anything.

Reading comprehension is an important element of a balanced reading/literacy program, and it is important to hone your skills in helping elementary students to understand what they are reading. This task will help you to learn more about effective reading comprehension strategies. In addition, it will help prepare you for your corresponding objective assessment as well as the summative assessment that you will complete in TaskStream.

Assume that you are an elementary teacher (in a grade level of your choice) who will be creating an adult volunteer program to assist students in your classroom in the area of reading comprehension.


A. Create an original introductory training module to prepare the adult volunteers in your classroom to have a positive impact on your students’ reading comprehension skills. Your training module should do the following:

  1. Describe three research-supported reading comprehension strategies that the adult volunteers can teach children.

a. Explain the steps involved in teaching each strategy

b. Provide an example to explain how you would teach each strategy.

Note: You can choose the format of the training module that you would like to create. Examples might include a multimedia presentation, word processing document, web page, or other format of your choice.

Note: Be sure to start with a cover page that lists your name as the teacher, the grade level, and other pertinent information.

B. Submit the training module for review and feedback:
(Please do this step, even if you have to make it up.)

A current practicing professional in the field of Elementary Education

Note: After your training module has been reviewed make any recommended modifications accordingly before submitting for evaluation.

  1. Submit the peer review as an attachment to this task.

  2. Discuss (suggested length 2-3 paragraphs) any modifications you have made based on the peer review.

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