INternational business

  • Select a company that does business internationally and show how each of the seven international environmental forces influence the behavior of the company. Analyze how well the strategies worked and what you would have done differently.
  • Include the following sections in your paper: the business’s international foundation, global business environment, international strategy, and management strategy which includes the operations and financials. 
  • Discuss at least one ethical issue that the company has faced in the international business environment and how this company does or does not portray Christian values based on the outcomes of their decisions.
  • Maximum and Minimum of six pages (not including title page, references, and appendixes)
  • Use at least six references. (Textbook can be one source)

Paper Guidelines

  • Make sure you read the requirements of the paper and include them all. Answer all the questions the paper requires, cover all the subject areas required, and have the correct number of pages and the correct number of references.
  • Ensure your paper conforms to APA guidelines.
  • Have paragraph subtitles in your paper. (Topic A, Topic B, Topic, C, Conclusion, References, etc.)
  • Cite all of your citations correctly.
  • Have your references page formatted correctly.
  • Have a sound introduction that introduces your topic and covers all the major points in your paper.
  • Ensure that the body of your paper has the major points labeled (paragraph titles) and the points are in logical, easy to follow
  • Make sure that your writing is of university caliber. Use 3rd person writing and do not use conversational language in your paper.
  • Ensure your spelling and grammar are correct.
  • Ensure that your conclusion restates the major points in your paper.


In the powerpoint. 

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