Entrepreneurship Project (Requires Excel) – Entrepreneurship and Finance experts needed

I need someone who’s proficient with excel and possesses advanced financial knowledge and being an entrepreneurship savvy is a must for this particular task!

I need help with a business plan that I have to pitch in front of investors. The company (I’ve attached an unfinished version of the executive summary) is a bridal shop and I need to figure out the followings:

Problem Customer profile and their problem–in economic terms

Solution How and why it works, and the specific value to the customer

Market Who the market is and how large it is

Distribution How you will sell: channels, distribution, service, support

Business Model: How you will make money

Competition: Who else solves this problem, and how you and they compare

Team Key personnel, relevant background, why this is the right team

Milestones Financeable results that will be achieved, and when

Financials How big, how fast, cash needed, and what the key assumptions are

Additional materials required (Word and Excel):

  1. 24-month cash projections
  2. Assume you start from the beginning
  3. Assume you received $500,000 from Angels
  4. Figure out how much investment you will need and assume you get it
  5. Year-end financial statements for Years 1 and 2 (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  6. Assumptions: Write them out (and then reflect them in the projections, including the investment from VCs you think you need and how the money will be used)
  7. Calculate a proposed pre- and post-money valuation for your company, based on your written assumptions and/or calculations for Series A round of financing of at least $2 million.

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